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Are you looking for the perfect stained concrete flooring options to renew your home or business? Contact Austin Innovative Concrete and let one of our experts help you find the perfect product for your concrete staining project. We have been providing Austin, tx residential and business owners with decorative concrete services for many years, and our stained concrete floors Austin professionals offer a wide range of services for your concrete flooring needs. Give us a call today and let us transform your floor into a masterpiece.

Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors are the perfect alternative for home developers who want something a little more durable with a smooth and shiny surface. Depending on the type of stain you use and how long it’s allowed to dry, you can achieve various effects, from a subtle warm look to a deep dark color. 

Stained concrete floors are not just for hipster bars and funky restaurants anymore. In recent years, they’ve gone mainstream and are now used in more and more homes and businesses across America. Whether you’re looking for a new flooring option or just want to upgrade the appearance of your home, here are some reasons why you should consider stained concrete floors.

stained concrete floors austin tx
  • High-quality stained concrete floors come in various colors and patterns and provide an elegant look that will enhance any room in your home.
  • Stained concrete is made to be resistant to Pet urine, so its color won’t fade or change as it’s exposed to urine.
  • They’re easy to clean and have low maintenance
  • Stained concrete floors are one of the most durable flooring options available. They’re also scratch-resistant, which makes them ideal for homes with pets.
austin stained concrete floors

Why Choose Us For Your Stained Concrete Floors

Austin innovative concrete has been in the decorative concrete business for many years. We have the experience and dedication to create beautiful custom concrete floors that will last a lifetime. Our team will take the time to meet with you and explain in detail all of the different options available to you. We will then go over a plan and timeline with you to schedule the work as quickly as possible to ensure that your project is completed on time.

Our company also offers estimates to help you decide on the right flooring for your project. If you would like to learn more about the products or services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

Stained Concrete Floor Options

Stained concrete has become the latest rage in home design and remodeling. The look is clean, modern, and fairly easy to maintain. Whether you’re doing a full kitchen or just a backsplash, stained concrete is an elegant yet affordable decorative concrete option that’s perfect for extending the life of your existing concrete floors.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Many people choose acid staining for its brilliant shine and versatility. Stained floors can range from plain and stark to more ornate designs that look great with any decor.  It’s a quick, relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance way to make your floor look stunning. There are many different patterns that you can use to create beautiful floors in your home. Call us today for any inquiry or to get started on your project.

Concrete Dyes and Coatings

Dyes are a great way to color existing slabs of concrete and they offer a wide range of color options that will dry very quickly. There are many types of dyes available and each has different characteristics. Dyeing concrete has advantages since it does not involve creating and applying chemicals (often a concern for homeowners). Also, since it is a water-based process, there is little mess involved and it can be easily cleaned up quickly.

Stained Concrete Floors For Your Home

If you’re looking for a Cost-effective way to add value to your home, stained concrete floors are a great choice. Stained concrete floors look elegant, but they don’t cost much money to install or maintain. You can install them in areas that get the most foot traffic, such as the front entrance, kitchen and bathrooms, and they won’t require any special care. I just dust and polish every once in a while.

Commercial Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors are a popular decorative choice for commercial and industrial installations. They come in various colors and styles, from glittery and metallic finishes. It’s a beautiful way to add color and texture to a room that bestows an understated elegance on the space. Give us a call and we can help you find the right style for your commercial Concrete surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions about concrete staining floating around online. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know If you’re not sure what’s involved in concrete staining, or are worried about making a mistake, here are some FAQ’S on the subject

Stained concrete floors can be an attractive alternative to carpet, wood, tile or marble flooring. Its realism and durability make it a popular choice in homes worldwide. The main advantage stained concrete has over these other flooring types is that it’s easy to clean — you don’t have to worry about spills.

The price can vary depending on the size of your concrete floors, how much you’re willing to pay for installation and what kind of flooring you want. Expect to pay between a fixed amount per square foot.

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, but it makes it easy if you have stained concrete floors. According to real estate agents, any homeowner with a polished concrete floor will be able to add value to their home when they sell.

If it’s installed by an experienced professional, you might get years of good service from your newly stained floors. You don’t have to worry about maintenance for years or decades.

Get a 1 year limited warranty today! Reach out to us

Finished concrete is perfect for residential and commercial environments. Whether you are a private homeowner, a general contractor, a builder or a business owner we can serve your needs and create a finished product that will enhance your property’s appearance, value and fit your vision for the function of the space.