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Epoxy coating is a decorative concrete flooring solution that is highly versatile and can be used in almost any situation. Applying a solid epoxy coating on top of your garage floor will protect it from oil, gas, dirt, and other stains. While you may have seen a variety of epoxy coatings for sale at big-box retailers, these products may not be appropriate for your garage floor application. The wrong product could damage the concrete or leave an unsightly appearance. Call Austin Innovative Concrete, the experts in Austin stained concrete, for a free estimate, and we will come to your home or business to provide you with a quote and find out what specific needs you are looking to fulfill.

Garage floors are often subjected to oil spills or chemical leaks from car parts and general damage from work tools, heavy equipment, and rubber stains. Epoxy floor coating is designed to handle these issues, protecting the surface underneath and making it look nice for an extended period. Here are some benefits of epoxy coatings:

Impact Resistant: The impact resistance means that you won’t have to worry about the floor cracking or chipping if something falls on it. It can also withstand minor punctures from small nails or staples without causing significant damage.

Slip Resistant: With slip resistance up to .10 coefficient of friction, these floors are safe for working areas that require good traction even when wet, making them useful for industrial spaces with large amounts of water.

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Why Epoxy as a Garage Floor Coating

When it comes to durability, garage floor epoxy is one of the best options to choose from. The epoxy can even withstand sharp objects like gardening shears and shovels. You can keep your tools in your garage without worrying about them damaging the surface of the garage floor.

Most parts of the US experience a wide range in temperature, especially when it comes to cold winters and hot summers. The epoxy can also withstand high amounts of heat, so you do not have to worry about using your garage as a workshop or a place to park your car in the summer. It will not absorb automotive fluids into its pores as concrete does. A regular concrete floor is porous and susceptible to oil, gas, and other fluid stains, making it ugly.

Types of Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are available in various sheens, from ultra-smooth to very textured. Some versions provide better slip resistance than others. A smooth coat is best for beauty, while rougher textures tend to hide flaws in the concrete surface beneath. When choosing an epoxy coating, consider all factors such as the size of the project, surface preparation, desired sheen, curing time, and application methods to match your needs.


The epoxy gravel flooring is a popular product that has been used in residential and commercial settings to obtain the look of stone. You can find this floor in many different spaces, from living patios to bathrooms. It is a great way to add style, texture, and color to your home or office.


Terrazzo can be used indoors and outdoors on floors, walls, countertops, and decorations. In the U.S, It is often installed in bathrooms, lobbies, and other high traffic areas that are subjected to moisture from showering or hand washing, but it is also used in kitchens and living rooms where water may not be present.


Anti-static flooring typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain or dissipate any potential static discharge. It is beneficial to work with sensitive electronic equipment that cannot function in an environment with excessive electrical charges. The anti-static flooring will minimize the risk of damaging expensive equipment and prevent damage to building interiors.

Vapor Barrier 

Vapor barriers act as a physical barrier for moisture vapor transmission. The moisture cannot pass beyond this barrier and thus cannot affect your concrete. It is particularly effective against hydrostatic pressure and moisture, preventing concrete failures. 


If you’re thinking about installing epoxy coatings in your garage, you probably have many questions about which types of epoxy coatings are best. Decorative epoxy flakes are a fantastic way to transform the appearance of any epoxy floor. The concentration rate of the epoxy flakes depends on you; typical coverage rates are light, medium, and heavy.

100% Solids 

100% solid epoxy colored coating is designed for applications where a high build colorfast impact resistant floor is needed. In most cases, two coats are required to achieve a complete surface coverage and a smooth, hard finish. Allow each coat to dry completely before proceeding with the next step. They are ideal for areas that get wet or have standing water, such as garages, basements, swimming pools, laundries, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.


Water-based products are less toxic and easier to apply, ideal for indoor projects like kitchen or food area flooring. It has become overwhelmingly popular for its Low-temperature curing and other benefits. In Addition, there are no solvents, fumes and flammability are not a concern. 

Solvent Based 

Solvent-based epoxies are much thicker when initially applied and need to be floated out before they can be left alone. Then use your second coat of epoxy in the same manner as your first, again taking care not to leave brush marks or any other imperfections on the surface of your work area. They can be a little bit trickier to work with than paints or different types of floor coating, but they will last longer and look better in the long run.


When it comes to the world of flooring, many homeowners choose to work with a material that matches their needs and looks good. One of the most popular types of flooring on the market today is metallic epoxy flooring, which has earned its place as a top option by homeowners and professionals alike.

Treating your home to a metallic epoxy floor is an excellent way to give your space a fresh new look. Not only does this type of flooring stand up well against dirt, moisture, and heavy foot traffic, but it will also provide your home with long-lasting beauty that you can show off for years to come.

Our Process for Epoxy Coatings

Austin Innovative Concrete serves homeowners and businesses in Austin, TX, with all their concrete needs, including epoxy flooring and decorative concrete. We have the highest quality materials available on the market and use specialty epoxy paints in designs to refurbish and restore concrete. Call us today for a free estimate! Our contractors are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

garage floor epoxy company austinRemove any existing flooring.

If your subfloor is concrete, it’s best to remove any paint or coatings on the surface. You can accomplish it by sandblasting, chemical stripping, or mechanical removal of the top layer. If the floor has an oil film from machinery or machinery maintenance, we will use an oil remover to help prevent staining from our product. Sweep and mop the floor to remove dirt or dust and patch up any holes. The surface must be clean and dry before proceeding to the next step.

Apply epoxy primer 

Prime the floor with a suitable epoxy primer. A good quality primer will help provide a critical barrier between the base substrate and the epoxy coating and ensure that the coating bonds correctly with the substrate, preventing any form of peeling or blistering in the future. We recommend that you wear rubber gloves when applying the sealer and also eye protection if possible since this product may become airborne during application.

Epoxy application

Cover off all areas in which you don’t want the epoxy going and apply your epoxy using either a squeegee or roller. Depending on the type of coating you choose, we may need to let the epoxy cure before applying another coat. The curing time will vary with each product’s instructions. 

Seal the epoxy floor

We seal the epoxy floor with a non-yellowing, crystal clear sealer to protect the floor and give it a satin finish that is easy to maintain. The surface is also more resistant to scratches, stains, and scuffing.

Epoxy Coating Benefits

Epoxy floor coating is the perfect choice for any commercial or residential setting. It is the ideal flooring solution for garages, basements, warehouses, and more. There are a variety of designs to choose from and superior durability and versatility. Here are some benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating;

  • The slip-resistant properties of our coating products increase work productivity and reduce workplace injuries by providing added traction on wet surfaces.
  • It’s durable. One of the most significant factors people look for when choosing a commercial flooring option is its duration. A quality epoxy will serve you for a long time.
  • It’s easier to keep clean than most alternative types of floors because it resists dirt and grime so well. You can just sweep or vacuum it off whenever it gets dirty rather than having to pay extra money on maintenance.
  • Epoxy resists oil stains better than hardwood or linoleum flooring. It will not absorb fluids easily, and spillages are easy to remove by wiping or detergent.
  • Cost-Efficient Unlike other finishing types like tiles that may get damaged if you drop something on them, the epoxy coatings will not be affected by this.

An epoxy floor can add value to your home by adding a unique look that is not available with traditional tile floors or carpets. In addition to being more attractive than other types of flooring, you can apply epoxy over nearly any existing surface.

How Durable is Epoxy Coatings 

Epoxy resin and hardeners form a high-impact resistant surface that can withstand many foot traffic and heavy loads. This makes it particularly useful for garages, warehouses, or any interior space where you need durable flooring that can withstand heavy use. When you use epoxy as a coating, it acts as a protective layer and protects whatever surface it gets applied on from scratch marks and other harmful effects of nature. 

How Long Does Epoxy Last

One of the best advantages of epoxy is that it lasts a long time. Some epoxy resin coatings can last for years before reapplying a sealer. That’s because epoxy is a chemical compound that forms a solid bond when cured. It is also fire-resistant, ideal for applications exposed to extreme heat. An epoxy coating can revitalize concrete surfaces that have lost their luster, add protection to cement floors against impact wear, and come in various colors to match any decor.

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Other Areas for an Epoxy Coatings

There are plenty of reasons to choose epoxy coatings for your flooring. This type of flooring is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to spills, stains, and heat. It can be used in a variety of areas, including:

Storage Areas

If you want to keep your valuable items safe during storage, it’s essential to consider the walls and flooring of a storage unit. Poorly or improperly stored items can be subject to moisture, leading to damage and costly replacements and repairs.

Epoxy flooring coatings are naturally slip-resistant, making them an excellent protective option for storage areas with high amounts of traffic. Austin Innovative Concrete can tailor the storage area protection to your needs, taking into account the specifics of what will be stored in your room. 


Hangars are the structures where airplanes are stored, repaired, and serviced. There are two basic types of hangars: A protective coating is excellent for sealing the floor and providing some protection against corrosion in humid environments. It’s also very resistant to damage from most chemicals, making it a good choice for areas exposed to oil from airplanes or automobiles.

Commercial and Industrial Areas

These are areas where loading and unloading trucks and equipment are done. With a lot of heavy equipment and vehicles constantly moving in these areas, it can damage the pavement and flooring.

Tires, tracks, and vehicle wheels pick up dirt, then ground into the pavement by the vehicle’s weight or equipment. These causes wear to the concrete, making it more susceptible to weathering and spills. That is why it is essential to coat your concrete with our epoxy products that will protect your flooring from this type of wear process. By covering your floors with epoxy, you will no longer have to worry about all of the wear and tear that comes from commercial or industrial use. 

Shop Floors

Epoxy coatings are excellent for various shop applications, including garage floors, showroom floors, and supermarkets. The surface is easy to clean and will resist most chemicals and oil-based stains or products. The floor will not absorb the liquid but rather repel it, leaving the surface clean with zero discoloration of the epoxy. As long as you keep the area as clean as possible, there should be no need for frequent professional cleaning.

Residential Epoxy

Epoxy coatings are an excellent choice for residential areas as they create a glossy, smooth, and hard finish on concrete floors. They are also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your floor getting damaged from any moisture or spills. If there are dirt or stains marks on it, All you have to do is sweep the area with a broom once in a while to keep it clean.

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Finished concrete is perfect for residential and commercial environments. Whether you are a private homeowner, a general contractor, a builder or a business owner we can serve your needs and create a finished product that will enhance your property’s appearance, value and fit your vision for the function of the space.